The Faversham Wedding, Leeds

Dan & Phil’s wedding was wonderfully action packed, they had it all! Not one, not two but THREE live bands, lip sync battles, confetti bombs, THE BEACH BOYS (tribute) and all the love you can possibly imagine. These two gorgeous humans married at The Faversham in Leeds on a very cold Yorkshire January afternoon, but the love between these two warms my heart and puts a huge smile on my face! The ceremony took place in the colour-filled tiled conservatory at The Faversham, and the two grooms looked impeccable in their beautifully tailored suits. We hopped outside shortly afterwards for some group shots - Phil’s family are of Philippine descent and I felt so sorry for them shivering in the Yorkshire January weather, so we hurried back inside for an amazing feast of Yorkshire/Filipino delights: Empanada alongside fish and chips and pineapple fritters for dessert. After food we popped back outside for a few quick nighttime portraits and then back inside for some serious partying! It’s at this point I must confess that during my university days I enjoyed more than a few nights out at The Faversham and immediately it all came flooding back to me; the beer and cocktails were flowing and the first band kicked off the dancing. Dan’s favourites are the Beach Boys so it seemed only fitting that the band were dressed in Hawaiian shirts and performed the Beach Boys repertoire perfectly, which is no mean feat by any means. Following their set Phil (who is a magnificent Trumpet player) performed on the stage with his band followed by another! What a treat it was, and interspersed with lip sync battles, more delicious food and the odd confetti bomb, it was a photographer’s delight! We partied long into the night and saw Dan & Phil off in style. I had a wonderful time, The Faversham was in fine splendour and the whole was so wonderful. Thanks so much to all involved, especially Dan & Phil for having me along on their amazing wedding day!